The incredible 3 minute bread recipe

(Yes 3 minutes – no kneading no proving required!!)

In our experience the daily grind of what to buy and what to cook, even how to cook has proved to be the biggest stumbling block for maintaining the once enthusiastic and compliant patient’s progress.  The benefits of cutting-edge personalised nutrition is a long game. There is no quick fix or magic wand, and the commitment requires dedicated team work.

Today we presented to an incredibly prestigious Physio practice. We wanted to tell them about DNA testing and how Nourish and Nutrition’s approach sets us apart from the many competent nutritionists and dieticians already out there. We do this by helping people maintain their lifestyle changes with inspiring cooking lessons to support their genetic variations.

Here’s our 3 minute bread recipe. It’s incredibly simple, extremely tasty, and needs no kneading, proving or lengthy preparation. We served it with slow roasted beetroot tzatiki, mackerel pate, an avocado, marmite and sunflower seeds.

Quick Spelt and multiseed loaf

(Makes one solid dense loaf which is delicious toasted the following day)

500g spelt flour

150g mixed seeds

2 small packets quick yeast (14g or 4 flat teaspoons)

½ teaspoon salt

500ml warm water.

Mix everything together in a bowl then transfer the dough to a lined loaf tin and stick in the oven for 1 hour at 180c

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