Nourish and Nutrition: Terms & Conditions

To use Nourish and Nutrition’s service, you must agree to our Terms of service. This is a legal contract that affects your rights and obligations. You should read this before you proceed:

Accepting of terms
Nutrigenomics is not to be considered diagnostic and further medical testing may be advised during your consultation and future consultations.

Personal goals and desired results depend not solely on a reported genetic profile, but additionally on the individual’s body’s reaction to the recommended treatment.

Nutrition and lifestyle outcomes cannot be 100% guaranteed.

An individual’s own behavior and self-reported commitment cannot be guaranteed by Nourish and Nutrition.

An individual’s response to following our instructions and interventions as well as substituting or altering recipes and ingredients to our prescribed recipes and menus may alter the success and outcome of our program.

There may be additional factors such as untested genetic markers, environmental factors and lifestyle choices that may impact an individual’s results and future outcome.

If you are between 12-18 years old, we will release information to family members with consent from all parties.

Nourish and Nutrition attempt to ensure safe, ethical, responsible and sensitive counseling, interventions and recommendations to our clients.

Sharing Genetic Information – Sharing Genetic Information with companies, family, friends or employers should be done with caution as it may be used against your best interests and in some cases, may have limited meaning today, but could have a greater meaning in the future.

Parents are advised to ensure that their children’s nutrigenomic reports remain safe and secure.

Genetic information shared with a healthcare provider can become part of your medical records and can potentially be accessed by third-party health care providers or insurance companies.

By accessing Nourish and Nutritions’ services, you agree and acknowledge the following:

You understand that the information you obtain from Nourish and Nutrition is not designed to diagnose, prevent, or treat any existing medical conditions.

Further testing and medical advice may be recommended.

Nourish and Nutrition translate your nutrigenomic report along with self-reported information and medical information supplied by yourself or healthcare provider. This information allows us to make nutritional recommendations to enhance wellness and reduce lifestyle disease risk.

You guarantee that the sample you provide is your own buccal cells, blood or urine.

At Nourish and Nutrition, we are committed to protecting User privacy as a Data Controller. All test results and any Personal Information is maintained under a strict policy of confidentiality. Our Privacy Policy is applicable to all new and existing Users. To use any Nourish and Nutrition service, you must agree to the Privacy Policy. You may not use the services if you do not accept as it forms part of the Terms of Service.

You will be required to acknowledge and accept the Privacy Policy when signing up to Nourish and Nutrition

The Privacy Policy may change at any time in the future. Any material changes to the policy or how we use your data will be notified either via Our Site or services, by notice posted to User accounts or by email to existing Users if appropriate. If you do not agree to any changes, you may request to discontinue use of the content owners in a separate written contract or agreement.

Once you submit your sample, Nourish and Nutrition hand the contents over to Nordic Laboratories for processing. Your signed consent allows Nordic Laboratory to submit the sample for analysis.

Full payment of the Nourish and Nutrition invoice, at the time the order is requested by you. Terms and conditions are accepted on payment. We take every reasonable care to ensure your order arrives within the estimated time. We cannot however, be held responsible for laboratory, courier or shipping delays.

We will not be held responsible or any breach of our agreement for delay or failure to perform if the delay or failure is due to an act of god, civil commotion, riots, floods, drought, fire legislation or any cause beyond our reasonable control.